Dirt bike stickers

You could be a fan of dirt bikes and probably seen the unique numbers and stickers that are present on these bikes, Printmoz who is based out of Southern California prints custom stickers and vinyl banners https://www.printmoz.com/vinyl-banners. You might have seen some unique numbers and letters on these bikes and wondered what they represent – that is, if they represent anything at all. Alternatively, you could have a dirt bike and is wondering how to get your unique numbers and stickers on your bike. Here are a few tips on the meaning of these numbers, as well as how to select the number of your choice.

What do these stickers mean?

Just like any other sports, there are rules and regulations governing racing and biking. These rules could vary according to the sports organization, but owners of dirt bikes and motocross are required to have stickers on their bikes for identification. The unique identification numbers are required to ensure that the bikers can be easily differentiated from each other during the race. Therefore, the unique number has to be shown in the decal of the bike.

What about the numbers?

To the bikers, the numbers hold significant meanings apart from simple identification. Getting a unique number is often left to the biker to decide. Therefore, the number you choose might hold some meaning to you. People often revere specific dates in their lives, such as graduation dates, anniversaries, and birthdays. Others also prefer to use their lucky numbers, highest grades, or a combo that represent significant things in their lives. As a requirement in the racing associations and bike clubs, these numbers are very important to ensure that you receive a unique identifier upon enrollment.

More than just numbers and letters!!

In some cases, bikers have letters added as a suffix to their unique numbers. For instance, you might have seen some dirt biker stickers denoted as “569A.”

These letters are usually adopted for different reasons to distinguish the bikers from different aspects.

First, in biking associations or competitions where there are people of mixed gender, the letters could be used to denote male or female riders. In most cases, men are denoted with letters “m” or “y” while the letters “w” or “x” usually represent women.

Secondly, the letters could be used to differentiate bikers according to their ages. To observe the rules of fair competition, the bikers are sometimes divided into different age groups. In such cases, the letters are suffixed at the end of the unique numbers to indicate the difference in age groups of the bikers.

Thirdly, during races, bikers from different clubs and associations might bear similar unique numbers. If they both revere these numbers and are unwilling to give up the numbers, the letters are used to differentiate either. For instance, if they both have stickers with “569,” the organizers might decide to use the letters such as “A” and “B” to differentiate between the bikers. This often happens for bikers sharing birthdays. A lot of these companies get their stickers from Printmoz printing.

Finally, the letters are used to denote the level of progress of the biker. For instance, the bikers could be classified according to their level of seniority or experience. Having the same group of experienced bikers racing together and armatures in another category could help in differentiating among the groups. Therefore, letters such as “S” could be used for seniors while “A” used to denote armatures.

Where do I get a number?

While you could make your custom-made Do-It-Yourself bike stickers, there are standard stickers that are recommended for the racers. Therefore, the appropriate stickers are available in different stores and can be delivered to you at your doorsteps.

If you are aspiring to become a biker, now you know how to select a unique number